Saturday January 27th, 2007
Canadian Coast Guard - Pacific Auxiliary Unit 9 fundrasing
Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific
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CCGA9: Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific Unit 9 Roberts Bank




The Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary - Pacific (CCGA-P) includes over 1400 volunteers throughout British Columbia who offer their time and commitment to actively provide search and rescue (SAR) services. daftar paytren These volunteers participate in resolving nearly one third of the SAR incidents that occur on the BC coast, either as the principal resource, or as an additional response unit.The Roberts Bank Lifeboat Station Society is a volunteer, non-profit, provincially registered charitable marine Search and Rescue organization accountable to the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Pacific (CCGA-P) and aligned with the Coast Guard as part of the Search and Rescue team coordinated by the Rescue Coordination Centre. The Roberts Bank Lifeboat Station - Delta (RBLB-D) is located in an Paytren Academy extremely high traffic area in the Straight of Georgia, known for its treacherous offshore shoals, strong currents and dangerous seas caused by strong westerly winds that oppose the Fraser River current.Based at Roberts bank container Port located across from the Tsawwassen ferry terminal, the Lifeboat station is ideally positioned to respond to marine Daftar Paytren emergencies from those vessels in need cara daftar paytren.
   The Roberts Bank boat is now over 30 years old, the vessel does not have the speed nor the latest navigational equipment to provide the life-saving services. So we are please to Announce the ADMIRAL Fundraising CAMPAIGN to raise funds for a replacement  modern day vessel to services the community.
   For more information please go to the FUNDRISER TAP in the top right. Tax receipts to all donation over $25.00.
For further information on how you can be a Champion of Admiral Campaign, please contact:
Robin Gardner
604-943-9171 cara daftar paytren

Roberts Bank Lifeboat Station-Delta

AGM Meeting

At: Tswwassen Community Police Station

1108 56th Street

Delta B.C

Time:Feb 15,2007 19:00

On-line Gallery

The image on the left was selected at random from the CCGA-9 gallery of Search and Rescue (SAR), training, event, and vessel photos.

The gallery contains 262 photos that have been viewed 4033 times collectively.

CCGA Photos

Capsized Sailboat
January 7th, 2007

Reported daftar paytren capsized Sailboat off Crescent Beach...

Down Float Plane
November 25th, 2006

A Float Plane was forced down due to bad weather...

Vessel Aground
click to view detail
April 1st, 2006

The Sailing vessel Quivira lost power while motoring to Horseshoe Bay and was pushed aground by the wind and tide onto Roberts Bank Approx 3 NMs West of the Deltaport terminal....

On-line Forum

Meet, Share, and Reminisce

To the right is the latest post to our on-line discussion forums drw skincare . We have provided daftar paytren these forums, not only as a way for mariners to discuss safe boating practise and seamanship, but also to allow easy discussion within and about out unit.

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